Ireland's Hidden Medicine

Dr. Rosarie Kingston’s new book explores the rich healing traditions of Ireland which resonate through the country’s landscape, music, festivals, and language.

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Ireland’s Hidden Medicine traces the path and fortunes of Irish indigenous medicine from the legendary god of medicine, Déin Chécht, to today.  Unlike the great scribal medical traditions, Ireland’s indigenous medicine is based on medical knowledge passed on orally to each succeeding generation.

This journey explores the difference in worldview between biomedicine and indigenous medicine, before it sketches the changing fortunes of this indigenous tradition from the coming of Christianity, through the law tracts and the medical manuscripts of the Middle Ages, to its demise with the fall of the old Gaelic order in the seventeenth century. From there the book examines how some knowledge could have disseminated within the wider community before exploring the factors that influenced its decline in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Irish indigenous medicine is like a diamond hidden in plain sight with its beauty present in the Irish landscape, festivals, and language.  Yet its riches are not realized and it is ignored it to the detriment of health and wellbeing. Ireland’s Hidden Medicine is an important step in changing this.


Health & Healing in the Irish Calendar Year

A 12 month online course exploring how to maintain health and healing by following the traditions of the Irish calendar year.

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  • Learn how to recover, improve, and maintain your health with this supportive and useful course.
  • Access it any time of the day and explore each presentation at your convenience.
  • It takes place over twelve months and explores the traditions, stories, food, and plants that contribute to your health and wellbeing.
  • Each month has, at least, six presentations, with more being added each month. All presentations are designed to increase your knowledge of Irish traditional practices AND enlarge your perception of how to maintain your health. Learn More
  • Each month’s plant study will look at the health benefits of the plant as well as its preparation and use. Learn More
  • A live Q&A takes place online each month where you can submit views and questions. This is usually on the third Thursday of the month.



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Plant Studies

In this online course,(one plant each month) you will become very familiar with 12 plants. You will learn how to recognize them, when to harvest them, how to prepare them and, more importantly when to use them. This course is intended to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate the use of these herbs into your personal and family health care.


Spiritual & Emotional Health

We hear a lot about emotional health and how it refers to our ability to manage our thoughts, emotions, and feelings in daily life. The more emotionally resilient we are the better we are at managing traumatic and stressful events. However, spirituality is a key component of emotional health and is rarely discussed. In this 12-month online course I address what spirituality is and how it is integral to everyday living. In each monthly talk I explore how you can nurture your own unique relationship with the sacred in your life. This can be done through different means, such as forest bathing, walking, meditation, pilgrimage, lucid dreaming and much more.