Reclaim your health today!

As a medical herbalist, I will help you resolve your health issues through an approach that focuses on you as a person with a unique constitution and lifestyle.

Are chronic health problems ruling your life?

Do you suffer from health issues that force you to rethink your lifestyle and routine? Are your health problems interfering in your family, work and social life?

Stop and think. What can I do??

Concerns about your health or chronic health problems may be helped by herbal and integrative medicine. Utilising the traditions of western herbal medicine, and the lifestyle changes inherent in the Irish healing tradition I will work with you to identify the underlying issues and support you in your journey to achieving your optimal state of health and well-being.

Why should you choose this approach?

Holistic Approach

holistic approach

An integrated approach with a careful consideration of the body as whole - body, mind, spirit, emotions – within a daily lifestyle.

Medical History Examination

examines your biomedical history

A thorough examination of your biomedical history and establishment of your unique constitution according to traditional medicine.

Tailored to your personal needs

tailored to your personal needs

A completely customized treatment plan offered to you after your health condition and medical history has been assessed.

What do I treat?

Modern biomedicine is truly remarkable in its ability to deal with major health problems, but chronic illnesses often elude its therapeutic range. These protracted conditions include digestive issues, endocrine imbalances, age related ailments, anxiety and stress. Below are some examples of conditions treated.






Dr. Rosari has been a blessing in my life.

After an extremely busy year of becoming a new mom, college, covid restrictions, not sleeping, general overwhelm and exhaustion I booked an appointment with her.
My life has changed for the better in two very short weeks. I can honestly say I'm sleeping like a baby and having restful sleep! It is incredible. I feel like myself again, except maybe even more calm and more energy during the day!!

Dr. Rosari is such a lovely lady, kind, caring, incredibly knowledgeable on so many topics, non judgemental and just an all round fabulous person. I only wish I had known about her sooner. I cannot recommend her more highly.


For years I was suffering with abnormal bleeding, heavy painful periods and I could spend two days in bed with headaches and vomiting. I couldn’t get to the bottom of my condition, and nothing worked for me. After my first consultation, I received a bottle of herbal medicine. When I got my next period, I had no pain, much less bleeding, and most importantly I didn’t get headaches and vomiting. It was also shorter, only 4-5 days instead of the usual 7. This improvement has continued to this day. I think Rosari has absolute knowledge on how to help you, and her appointments are always relaxed. She makes you feel very comfortable.

I recommend the services that Rosari offers very highly.

Iwona D.

Rosari Kingston is a highly qualified medical herbalist with an impressive knowledge of plants, pathology and modern medicine. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Jonathan Self

Country Life

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Meet Dr. Rosari

Hi, I’m Dr. Rosari Kingston, a medical herbalist practising in an integrative practice in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. I’m also involved in teaching healthcare professionals how to integrate traditional medicine, especially the Irish Healing tradition, into their practice.

I am a member of the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists (IIMH) which is a legally incorporated professional body dedicated to continued research in herbal medicine.

I’m very passionate about helping you regain your health by supporting you in your wellness journey.

It is my goal to provide you with the best care and treatment options available to you.

What is a consultation?

  • A consultation is listening to your health concerns with empathy.
  • Using the intake form, we will discuss your concerns and work towards a solution.
  • You will receive a completely personalized plan that is unique to your needs.
  • I will present to you the health choices that are available to you so you can make a calculated step to achieve your optimal health.

Please note: Therapeutic options in an online consultation will be less than that in an in-person consultation.

Words of Wisdom

Some great tips to empower your wellness journey

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